Willy Rovelli and his couple with Olivier Minne, he evokes the rumor

"He deserved better than me" : Willy Rovelli and his couple with Olivier Minne, he talks about the rumor - Instagram, Willy Rovelli

“He deserved much better than me”: Willy Rovelli and his couple with Olivier Minne, he evokes the rumor – Instagram, Willy Rovelli

This Friday, November 18, Laurence Boccolini is at the helm of the second issue of Sketch Story on France 2 from 9:15 p.m. Willy Rovelli is one of the guest comedians, as are Les Chevaliers du Biel, Florent Peyre, Muriel Robin, Olivier de Benoist, Les Bodin’s, Anne Roumanoff, Roland Magdane and Tony Saint-Laurent.

If Willy Rovelli is especially noticed for his role as a chef, which he interprets marvelously in Fort Boyard on France 2, rumors of an alleged romantic relationship with the host of the show Olivier Minne are rife. These two men do not hide their complicity to the point that Willy Rovelli had shared a photo and Olivier Minne on Instagram with the caption the word “Love” in May 2021.

I love him very much and I know it’s mutual

In an interview with the site Gala.fr in June 2021, the comedian had justified himself on his admiration for Olivier Minne: “It’s funny, you put on something and everyone gets excited for not much. There’s nothing wrong with telling someone you love them and I say it loud and clear that I love him very much. He’s an amazing guy, and in the business, not everyone is like him. Olivier is benevolent, professional, gentle… I say it, I love him very much, and I know it’s mutual. However, I felt pissed off for him that people said we were…

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