Why the mascots of M&M’s ads will disappear after the controversy sparked by the American right

Bye, bye, M&M’s. The chocolate confectionery brand said on Monday January 23 that it was forced to put its little characters to rest after the controversy sparked by the conservative American right… unless it was to bounce back better…

They seem harmless, but have received a wave of criticism in recent weeks. The M&M’s characters, mascots of the brand, which in the first place are rather amusing in advertisements, have been considered too “wokes” by American conservatives.

In order to feminize the band of characters a little, the company had integrated Green and Brown to represent “acceptance and inclusion” depending on the brand, and in September the arrival of Violet provoked the ire of some Americans. Especially since it would symbolize the support for the LGBTQ community.

too politicized

A politicization of mascots deemed too militant which has been strongly criticized. With as a high point the release in January of a special package containing only sweets in the colors of the female characters either green, brown and the famous purple.

This sparked a flurry of comments. And in particular an exit from Tucker Carlson, one of the hosts of Fox News, a chain renowned for its ultra-conservative positions.

In response, the brand announced the pure and simple withdrawal of his characters to stop the controversy in a press release this Monday, January 23.

What if it was just a publicity stunt?

To replace its faithful mascots, it is Maya Rudolph, a humorist who has proven herself on the show Saturday Night Live who becomes the mascot of the pubs.

But with the approach of the Super Bowl on February 12, and the announcement of a surprise advertisement at halftime, some American media are wondering if it might not be a huge publicity stunt this story of deleting characters…

Answer on February 12th…

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