why shouldn’t you miss this documentary series on the legendary navigator?

This Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 8:50 p.m. on Arte, the incredible maritime journey of Ferdinand de Magellan comes back to life thanks to a documentary series of four episodes. The most complete and captivating on the subject.

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Considered a cursed hero, Magellan has fallen into oblivion. Unlike Christopher Columbus, of which one still wonders if he really discovered America, he did the very first circumnavigation of the globe by sea. Filled with testimonials Рfrom navigators, historians, anthropologists Рthis 4-part series traces the journey of an extraordinary navigator, in love with adventure. A series that looks like fiction and goes off the beaten track of history on television with St̩phane Bern, who recently evoked his tender relationship with his companionor Franck Ferrand, who had a big clash with Francis Huster.

The incredible journey of Magellan (Arte): a very complete series on the subject

The four episodes which trace this journey between 1519 and 1522 have the merit of making the complete tour of the history of this Portuguese (probably born in Porto) around 1480. The first episode traces the youth of Magellan, sent to the court at the age of 10, and fascinated by the first maritime expeditions organized by the Portuguese in the Atlantic Ocean, in the beginning of the 16th century. In sight: the Indies and their extraordinary spice trade. The second part retraces the expedition which took place on September 21, 1519: at the head of a fleet of 5 ships, Magellan is on his way to the Moluccas Islands, in search of cloves. The third part continues the route of the maritime expedition that started in September 1519. Still looking for a new route to India, Magellan makes a discovery in southern Argentina. Finally, the last episode sees the end of the expedition, which left Europe in September 1519. The Indonesian islands of the Moluccas are finally reached…

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The incredible journey of Magellan (Arte): specialists and animation to understand the story

If Magellan’s journey, from which he will not return, is so well documented in the series, it is because it is based on the writings of Antonio Pigafetta. Indeed, this 16th century Italian sailor and chronicler took part under the orders of Ferdinand de Magellan then Juan Sebastián Elcano in the first voyage of Europeans around the world. He brought back the most complete and famous chronicle of the trip. Thus, the route of this exceptional odyssey takes shape as Magellan’s fleet reaches the edge of the world, the limits of the unexplored. Throughout the four opuses of this collection, the lighting of specialists, historians, geographers, ethnologists, cooks and philosophers, makes it possible to fully understand the economic, ideological and cultural stakes of such a trip. Interspersed with animated sequences that bring the great moments of the adventure to life and allow the youngest to follow the Portuguese epic day after day, the once-forgotten story comes back to life for the enjoyment of everyone.

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