Why Cap 3000 will close its doors 30 minutes earlier from January 2023

Félipé Goncalves, general manager of Cap 3000, justifies this time choice with our colleagues from BFM Côte d’Azur: “This will save us a number of costs.”

The shopping center’s electricity bill will indeed jump by 3 million euros in 2023, “with a megawatt-hour which will go for Cap 3000 from 90 euros to 450 euros“, specifies Félipé Goncalves.

Other cost-saving measures

In addition to the shops closing at 8 p.m., electricity consumption inside the center will also be reduced, while the Christmas lights are already lit from 4.30 p.m. only. The temperature will also be reduced by one degree to enable a 7% reduction in electricity consumption.

Remember that Cap 3000 welcomes four new brands by the end of the year: Head in the Clouds, Lenôtre, Bershka and Nike.


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