who are the five students nominated this week? Who clinched their place in the final?

After a month of adventure, Julian and Stan’ permanently left the star Academy last Saturday during a Grégory Lemarchal special bonus. A month ago, TF1 hit hard by bringing back its cult program. Accompanied by Jennifer, the first winner of the competition, the apprentice singers found the castle and the rigor of the singing lessons. After the departures fromfriendAhcene, Cenzo, Carla and Paolain the quarter-finals, StanislasJulian, Tiana and Anisha were on the nominees’ bench and they had to give everything to stay. For internet users, Anisha has been “masterful”while Julien was doing “zero effort”. It is ultimately the two nominated men who left the adventure. “Frankly, I gave”assured Julien facing the camera, a few minutes after his elimination. It took several days for the singer to speak more about his social networks.

Ratings steeped in nostalgia

Stanislas found her new apartment, still under construction. The two friends quickly made the rounds of television sets, such as Dailywhere Yann Barthès wanted to know if alcohol was allowed in the castle. This Tuesday, November 15, during the live from the star Academy broadcast on MYTF1 MAX, viewers were able to follow the evaluations of the six students still in the running. Anisha, Tiana, Louis, or Chris for example, really touched their teachers, especially for their improvised part. The semi-finalists had to tell their star Academy and they were very imaginative, and very moving.

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The student automatically qualified for the final is…

At the end of the day, Enola confided in her relationship with her darling whom she nicknamed “Boubou”. This Wednesday morning, Léa skipped sports class once again, despite a a little brutal awakening of Enola. Whoever did the best in their evaluation had the opportunity to win their place directly for the final of the show. The other five will be put to public vote. Two of them will definitely leave the adventure. And at the end of the afternoon, the ax fell: Michael Goldman came to make the announcement to the students. The academician who wins his direct ticket to the final is: Louis. The five nominees are therefore: Chris, Léa, Tiana, Enola and Anisha. Two of them will be definitively eliminated on Saturday evening.


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