who are the (famous) parents of the Daily columnist?

Ambre Chalumeau, the Culture columnist of Daily, won his first bonus on Tuesday on TMC. The opportunity to learn more about this emblematic face of Yann Barthès’ talk show.

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Amber Blowtorch take the lead! The culture columnist of Yann Barthes in Daily will be this Tuesday, January 24 in prime time on TMC. One week before the film’s theatrical release The middle Empire of Guillaume Canetthe one who joined the talk show at the start of the 2020 school year will return to the (world) cultural phenomenon that are the two Gallic heroes Asterix and Obelix. The opportunity to learn more about Ambre Chalumeau who gave us an interview.

Ambre Chalumeau joined Daily thanks to a columnist

Before joining the troupe of Yann Barthès at the age of 23, know that the columnist did a literary preparation then studies journalism at Celsa. “After an internship at SocietyI stayed there as a freelancer. It was Marc Beaugé, then editor-in-chief of the magazine and also a columnist in Dailywho put me in touch with the producers of the show. I had a crazy chance!” told us the latter. Ambre Chalumeau also worked for Radio Nova and the magazine RollingStone. On television, viewers discover her with Daphné Roulier during appearances on Paris Première shows.

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Amber Chalumeau is “culture bulimia” thanks to his parents

As for her pronounced taste for culture, Ambre Chalumeau tells us that it has multiple sources: “It would be untruthful and ungrateful to say that I built my culture alone. I’m lucky to have very cultured parents and to have grown up in an apartment full of DVDs and books in which they let me dip into. It’s precious. I have an almost bulimic relationship with culture, even if I have less time since I started working. It was also forged thanks to friends and certain prescribers. For me, the only thing that separates anyone from a great classic is how you present it. I had this chance and I try to do it myself.

A family environment that evolves in the cultural environment

Ambre Chalumeau’s family circle has therefore contributed to creating an appetite for culture. And for good reason, the columnist is the daughter of Arielle Saracco, former director of original creation at Canal+, and the journalist, writer and screenwriter Laurent Chalumeau. The latter was in particular the accomplice of Antoine de Caunes in the writing of his mythical sketches in Nowhere elseand wrote songs for Patrick Bruel, Michel Sardou Where Julien Clerc.

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