where is the crossover project with Candice Renoir?

Will it happen or will it not? That’s the question fans ask themselvesAlex Hugothe hero of France 3 and Candice Renoir, the star of France 2, about the crossover announced in 2021. We take stock.

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Guest of CannesSeries, Samuel LeBihan had revealed that the producers ofAlex Hugo were considering bringing Candice Renoir the time of an episode. A perspective that enchanted the interpreter of the investigator exiled in the mountains since it would give him the opportunity to find Cécile Bois, his playmate in René Féret’s films more than twenty years ago (summer walks, in 1992; The place of another, in 1993). “There is an idea that is currently in production: we wonder if Candice Renoir could not meet Alex Hugo. We will see if they will actually meet. I really like Cécile Bois. She is an excellent actress. When we were 20, we acted in René Féret films. It was fun, we played young lovers. It would be a lot of fun if we met again.”, revealed in October 2021 Samuel LeBihanthe hero of the France 3 series.

“The Bear of the Mountains and the Barbie of the Beaches” reunited or not?

I am very curious about this duo between the bear of the mountains and the Barbie of the beaches, confided Cecile Bois some months later. I know Samuel LeBihan for a long time because we started our career together in films by René Féret. It amused me to mix our two characters and find him on a film set.” Since then the project has been delayed. Where is it? We take stock of this summit meeting.

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“The crossover is postponed”

Questioned by our colleagues from TV 7 days, Cécile Blois returned to the project in May 2022 and announced bad news. “As for the idea of ​​a crossover with Alex Hugo, it was abandoned. I regret it, because I was delighted to find Samuel Le Bihan, with whom I started my career”, told the actress. Anne Holmes, director of programs at France Télévisions, told us: “The crossover is postponed. We couldn’t do it for scheduling reasons between Samuel and Cécile who are filming their respective series. We’ll see when we can find a slot where both are free at the same time. It’s a matter of timing. It’s not easy to have them available at the same time. It is complicated”. The timing has still not been found.

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