What do we know about these images which show Russian soldiers being executed by Ukrainian soldiers?

Another video, taken by the soldier, then shows several men lying on the ground, face down. Two of them are alive, the other two are not moving. They are joined little by little by four other soldiers, who come out of the hangar one after the other. Some of them walk past the camera with their hands up. But, while the Ukrainian troop seems calm, their weapon pointed towards their ground, an 11ᵉ Russian soldier comes out of the farm, weapon raised. On the images, we can clearly see smoke from a shot coming out of it. A gunfight breaks out. The phone camera flickers. During the few seconds before complete darkness, we see the soldier to the left of the cameraman raising his rifle towards the assailant. The video stops. The only images we then have are those of the drone. The 11 Russian bodies lie on the ground, in pools of blood.


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