we tried to shut her up and lock her up while she was doing a “Cash Investigation”!

For several years now, Elise Lucet puts on the overalls and puts himself in sometimes dangerous situations to denounce what is hidden from the French and other people who populate this planet. Whether it is the actions of large groups or the way in which the staff of a company is exploited, the former presenter of the JT of France 2 never do things by halves. This sometimes has the gift of annoying viewers, and especially the big bosses she wants to highlight, but it is clear that the journalist has enormous courage.

And courage, it is necessary according to the situation. Precisely, Mélanie Taravant received Élise Lucet in her last issue of C Media on France 5, airing this Sunday, January 22. The opportunity for the presenter to take an interest in “pressures suffered by investigative journalists” and find out if they were going “too far in their revelations”. To open its subject, it then broadcast a magneto in which we could find Élise Lucet in many embarrassing situations.

Elise Lucet “locked up” during a report

“What happened? It’s dangerous on the pitch”she asked him after seeing a sequence of Cash Investigation of October 9, 2018 when a man violently grabbed the journalist, who violently clashed with a motorist during the fuel shortage, in an attempt to lock him in a room. The opportunity for Élise Lucet to provide details on this sequence: “In fact, he tried to lock me up because i think he felt attackedshe first revealed before revealing the identity of the man in question: “He was the President of the European Leather Union. We had an investigation that was made of reinforced concrete. We had been trying for weeks, even months trying to interview him and he systematically answered no, no, no no”.

Despite the many failures encountered, Élise Lucet finally managed to find the much sought-after man “by chance”. “We arrive in a building, but really quite impersonal. We didn’t think there was a big union that was in this building, we were wandering through the corridors. All of a sudden, we arrive in front of this door , there was the logo, we weren’t sure it was there, we’re going”she recalls before specifying: He’s trying to pull me inside to lock me up with him. In the images that follow, he has a look that is a little scary. A moment she will never forget…

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