“We did stupid things that evening”: Aya Nakamura and her ex tried this Thursday for reciprocal violence

The facts date back to August. In the context of reciprocal violence, Aya Nakamura and her ex-husband, producer Vladimir Boudnikoff are tried before the Bobigny Criminal Court.

“The woman I love and I are doing very well. Really nothing serious, nothing. We did something stupid that night and that’s life too”, wrote on Instagram this summer Vladimir Boudnikoff, former companion by Aya Nakamura indicates Entertainment TV. After a restless night, which ended at the post, the most listened to French singer in the world and the producer were indeed summoned to court.

Police custody

The trial promises to be particularly media-friendly, even if “we are not in a context of heavy violence”, tempers someone close to the case to AFP. This Thursday, November 24, Aya Nakamura and her ex-companion Vladimir Boudnikoff are thus tried for violence by spouse with ITT of less than eight days.

The facts date back to the night of August 6 to 7, during which, against a backdrop of an argument, the police intervened at the couple’s home. The singer is arrested and tells the police to have been the victim of violence. Her husband, who initially called the police fearing for his safety, was later taken into custody. The source close to the file, quoted by AFP, evokes “scratches”.

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