We answer your questions about “low-sugar” foods with UFC-Que Choisir

Sugar “seems to have become, in recent years, the number one nutritional enemy in the eyes of a large part of the population”, reports Elsa Abdoun, journalist at What to choose, – our partner – in a survey published at the end of last December. And for proof: according to a survey on the eating habits of the French carried out by UFC-Que Choisir in April 2021, 5% of the thousands of respondents had declared that they followed a “no added sugar” diet.

However, the reliability of these products remains to be qualified. Less sugar, perhaps, but more salt, more flavourings, more additives – including sweeteners, which would have probable deleterious effects on the health -. In short, the comparisons made by What to choose between classic products and so-called low-sugar products, do not bring especially good news about them, quite the contrary.

Here is a new episode of Consumer Briefin which journalist Elsa Abdoun answers your questions on the subject on video.

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