Volvo thinks that in 2025, electric cars will cost the same as thermal cars

It must be recognized that on the current market, electric cars often cost more than their thermal engine equivalents. There are a few exceptions to this observation, especially when comparing the price of certain Tesla models with that of premium family cars equipped with piston engines. But whether we are talking about an electric city car or a large electric SUV, you often have to agree to pay more to afford a zero-emission model today.

According to Volvo boss Jim Rowan interviewed by journalists fromAutomotive News on the occasion of the official presentation of the SUV EX90this situation will change in the coming years. “I think we will achieve price parity between electric cars and thermal vehicles around 2025. The technology will increase autonomy and reduce the size of batteries. The price will then go down, which will make it possible to arrive at this parity”he predicts.

And if it was the price of thermal cars that increased?

In view of the evolution of the price of thermal cars, one wonders all the same if this parity will not be obtained rather thanks to the increase in the new value of models equipped with engines using fossil energy. Especially since their compliance with future standards Euro7 of 2025 will inevitably go through a new price increase, even if the legislator affirms that this increase will be very limited.

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