Volvo does not forget station wagons and sedans for electric SUVs

The electric SUV is not Volvo’s only future. Its CEO implies that the Swedish station wagon and sedan are not dead.

Volvo has already decided to dedicate its near future to SUVs. We know that several electric vehicles will arrive in this form within the manufacturer’s range. However, the CEO, Jim Rowan, assures that other body types will arrive later.

“Suffice it to say, we play on all spectrums and all ranges, and we have customers who need different vehicles, and different vehicle uses”notes Rowan. “We will try to make sure we can capture as many of those needs as possible. »

And to confirm that the break and the sedan, formerly signature of the Swedish brand, will surely be there. However, this will not be done as a priority, the latter going to SUVs, which are much more buoyant on the market.

“Our strategy is not to have 40 different models, but to be rigorous. We will focus on the demographic segment that we believe is most relevant. We’ve hinted at what’s to come. We had already signaled that we were going to do a small SUV. Then there will be different formats, sedans and station wagons or others. We will get there when we get there. »

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Volvo does not forget station wagons and sedans for electric SUVs

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