Viral video: Hundreds of sheep have been mysteriously turning in circles for several days, the strange phenomenon explained

A herd of sheep in Mongolia has been walking in circles for more than 10 days.

Strange phenomenon in the city of Baotou, in Mongolia. For more than 12 days, sheep have been going around in circles clockwise, without anyone knowing why.

Indeed, a video shared on the Twitter account of People’s Daily, one of the biggest Chinese media, filming the herd has gone viral. On the video viewed more than 10 million times, you can see the ruminants walking like zombies in a perfect circle.

A scientific explanation…

Ms. Miao, the shepherdess, did not no explanation for this mysterious manifestation. According to her, a few sheep would have started to turn in circles before being joined by other members of the herd.

If the images can make you smile (or scare), the reason could be much more unfortunate. Ruminants could be affected by listeriosis. A bacterial disease that causes this type of behavior in animals. Evil inflames one side of the brain, which explains the circular movements of the beasts.

The great sheep mystery! Hundreds of sheep walk in a circle for over 10 days in N China’s Inner Mongolia. The sheep are healthy and the reason for the weird behavior is still a mystery.

— People’s Daily, China (@PDChina) November 16, 2022

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