Verratti responds to his detractors!

Much appreciated by PSG fans, Marco Verratti must however regularly face criticism about his way of life. In an interview given to France Soccerthe Italian wanted to make things clear.

Marco Verratti, PSG Manchester City

At 30, Marco Verratti has managed to establish himself as a legend of the capital club over the years. Since his arrival in France in July 2012, the Italian international has played 400 games with the Reds and Blues tunic. With 11 goals scored and above all 61 assists delivered, the native of Pescara has become an essential part of Paris Saint-Germain.

If he has managed to become one of the darlings of the Parc des Princes, the 2021 European Champion has not always managed to win unanimous support from observers. A few days ago, the “Little Owl” suffered the wrath of Daniel Riolo. On RMCthe famous columnist stated in particular that Valentin Rongier (OM) “was better than the park idol”.

“I was passed off as someone who went out every night”

For several years now, Marco Verratti seems to have been in the crosshairs of the journalist who has often criticized his taste for the nightlife of the City of Light. In an interview given to France Soccerwhose The Parisian echoes, the midfielder has responded to the rumors surrounding his personal life.

According to the first interested party, we can not blame him on this specific point. “That reputation bothered me because most of the time it wasn’t true. I was passed off as someone who went out every night. (…) Once it was said that I had gone out there, but the club was closed. Another time, it was said that I had spent an evening with the singer Rihanna, but I don’t even know her”thus defended the number 6 with our colleagues.

Quadriceps hit, Marco Verratti is not fit to argue the match between Rennes and Paris which will take place on Sunday evening at 8:45 p.m.

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