Various facts – The trial of Mohamed Haouas for “aggravated violence” finally postponed

MISCELLANEOUS – While he was to be tried this Friday morning by the Montpellier Criminal Court, the pillar of the MHR and the XV of France Mohamed Haouas will have to wait. The correctional judges postponed the hearing to May 12, 2023. Haouas could not appear in court because of Saturday’s match on the Ospreys lawn.

Summoned to court this Friday morning for acts of “aggravated violence” and “destruction of equipment in meetings” which allegedly took place in 2014, Mohamed Haouas will not ultimately be tried today. The pillar of the MHR, who has already been sentenced to 18 months suspended for acts of burglary last February, saw his trial be postponed to May 12 by the correctional judges. The reasons for this dismissal are multiple: first, several of the defendants did not have lawyers. Then, and given the seriousness of the charges, the court preferred to postpone the trial to a later date so that Mohamed Haouas could be present. Absent due to the MHR match tomorrow on the Ospreys lawn, he could have been judged all the same, being represented by Me Marc Gallix. The latter had explained the reasons for the absence of his client: “The departure by plane with the team is scheduled for Friday at the beginning of the afternoon and collective training in anticipation of the meeting will take place the same day from 9 am.

The trial will take place on May 12.

The international pillar was due to appear for facts which allegedly took place on December 31, 2014. He is suspected of having participated in a fight on New Year’s Eve and allegedly injured a person with an iron bar. It is therefore more than nine years after the facts that he should be tried. “Mohamed has a great talent. He is a child of the club, who has brought us a lot. He had a turbulent youth, did stupid things in Montpellier. It may be good for him to leave”, had confided its president, Mohed Altrad, about it. Haouas will join Clermont next season.

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