uneasiness, a TPMP columnist releases a book… with a mistake in the title

A columnist of TPMP release his biography

Jean-Michel Maire is still part of the cast of Do not touch My TV (C8), but the columnist is much less present around Cyril Hanouna’s table. A disappointment for fans of the show, but an inevitable situation. In addition to wanting to breathe and take time for himself after a career spent in the media, the journalist has been mostly busy in recent months with another project.

It was on Twitter that Jean-Michel Maire revealed the news: he has just written a book. And not just any. “I take out my memorieshe said this Wednesday, November 16, 2022. So yes, I’m still young, but I thought it would be easier to write them in my lifetime.“. And to accompany this unexpected announcement, the journalist unveiled the cover of this book.

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Internet users laugh at a huge fail

What motivates fans to buy it? Hard to say. If we trust the first reactions on social networks, Internet users prefer for the moment to make fun of such a project. And for good reason, the title chosen is the victim of a huge spelling error since we can read, “Memory of a happy loser“, where it should have been preferred…

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