Top 14 – “Did Jono Gibbes have the build for Clermont?” : Clermont supporters react to his departure

The departure of Jono Gibbes from his position as manager of Clermont did not surprise Clermont supporters. Aware of the difficulties of ASM this season, Auvergne aficionados are already looking to the future and are waiting for their new strongman between hope and curiosity.

The news did not have the effect of a bomb in Auvergne. The dismissal of Jono Gibbes in Clermont was experienced by Auvergne supporters as the logical continuation of a very average first half of the season, well below the objectives set at the start of the season by President Jean-Michel Guillon. “I think everyone expected a decision to be made. It couldn’t go on like this, we knew the ax was going to fall. We took a beating at home… Maybe the message no longer passed between Jono and the players. But his departure will allow everyone to question themselves”. The words of Audrey Dulondel, president of the Interclub des supporters de l’ASM, echo those of the president of Clermont who wishes verbally that the Auvergne institution is getting back on track.

An unsurprising start, certainly, but which allows Jean-Marie, a Michelin subscriber for thirty years, to pay tribute to one of the basic men of the last Brennus Clermont. “I’m sure he was a good guy and a fine technician. Now, did he have the build to be a head coach at Clermont? I don’t know. What surprised me before his arrival was that La Rochelle had let him go. A few hours after the end of Gibbes’ mandate, a new Montferrand chapter will begin in the coming days. On this point again, the supporters interviewed agree on the need for a “new message”.

No matter the name, we have to keep our DNA

In all likelihood, the position of ASM manager should be decided between Christophe Urios and Mario Ledesma. Two diametrically opposed profiles but which seduce Alexis Rabier, young president of the yellow and blue Mordus, who will be in South Africa this week to support the Jaunards against the Stormers (Saturday, 6:30 p.m.). “It would be a pleasure to see Mario again! He has a very good background as a coach and he left a good mark in Clermont. As for Christophe Urios, he will perhaps bring to the players this desire that they lack, the “I want to play to the end and not give up. And whoever it is, I hope we will keep our DNA of playing wide-wide, which we haven’t seen too much for two years”.

Former Argentina coach Mario Ledesma spent six seasons at Clermont, between 2005 and 2011.

Former Argentina coach Mario Ledesma spent six seasons at Clermont, between 2005 and 2011.
Sportsfile / Icon Sport – Sportsfile / Icon Sport

Jean-Marie and Audrey Dulondel are committed to supporting the president, criticized by many Internet users on social networks. “We must not forget that he was the firefighter on duty after the death of Éric de Cromières (president of Clermont between 2013 and 2020) and that he had to juggle some big contracts and an obvious end of cycle” supports the subscriber who has known everything in the stands of the Michelin. “I read a lot of criticism about the president, but we had the opportunity to explain ourselves to the other fan clubs and I am really confident for the future” concludes the president of the Interclubs.

As a reminder, the ASM has already completed the arrivals of Pita-Gus Sowakula, Folau Fainga’a and Mohamed Haouas for next season, as captain Arthur Iturria and Damian Penaud leave Auvergne for Bayonne and UBB.

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