Top 10 of the best tweets about Prince Harry’s book, the next Nobel Prize in Literature

On January 10, 2023, Prince Harry, our favorite royal redhead, released his autobiographical book “Spare” to reveal all the smallest secrets of his long life. And there’s no denying, among the crazy things we didn’t know about Prince Harry, we can count the fact that he has absolutely no shame. So yes, we are happy that he takes the floor to tell the uncool things he experienced in Windsor. But we would have done well without the story of his first time in a field behind a pub. I say this on behalf of all tweeters.

I don’t even understand that marketing validated “The substitute” when there was that in the competition

Me: I’m quite shy and reserved / Me after just one drink

Me to the waiter: “It was really delicious” / Me on TripAdvisor

You’ll listen to this when you have time *Send 30 minutes of vocals*

One hell of a teaser

My mother: Don’t worry, it stays between us / Also my mother

Me in HR: Thank you very much, I really enjoyed working here / Me on Glassdoor

British humor: “How to kill your family”

Me: Today I’m going to be and / Me five seconds later

Well now that we have teased you, there you go the little secrets of the English royal family. Spill the tea.

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