this ultra-discreet third woman with whom he allegedly cheated on Camilla and Diana…

So far, she has made no mistakes in her new role: Queen consort of the United Kingdom since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla supports her husband, King Charles III as she can, in difficult times as in the more unusual visits. This Sunday, in particular, she performed perfectly for her first Remembrance Sunday, despite visible nervousness comforted by Kate Middleton.

A beautiful conclusion to a love story that has lasted for more than fifty years and which has gone through everything: the marriage of the one who was still Prince Charles with Lady Diana, the birth of their children, their divorce, their marriage, but above all the deep hatred of the British, who considered Camilla responsible for the difficult life of the adored Diana, then for her death, in 1997.

A violent movement, which had sometimes caused Camilla to receive stones, to no longer be able to leave her house without being insulted and which should be addressed by Prince Harry in his much dreaded memoir, at the beginning of next year. If William, his elder brother, seems indeed to have accepted his stepmother, who is close to his wife and children, the younger would be more rebellious and would have many things to say about the one who shares the life of his father for so long.

But what is less known is that at some point in their lives, Camilla was not the only woman in the heart of Charles III! In fact, at…

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