this photo of the children and grandchildren in Monaco

The Casiraghi in full force for the “Prince’s Day”. (Monaco, November 19, 2022.) Abaca

On November 19, all eyes were on the Rock. On the occasion of the “Prince’s Day”, the Grimaldis gathered in full force. Among which, the children of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Like every year, Monaco celebrated the “Prince’s Day” on November 19, day of the celebration of Blessed Rainier of Arezzo and anniversary of the enthronement of Prince Rainier III. And as always, the Prince Albert IIhis wife Charlene and their twins Jacques and Gabriella were there. The Monegasques were also able to count on the presence of the princesses carolina and Stephanie of Monaco who attended the festivities, with their respective families.

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After mass, the Monegasques notably had the opportunity to see Caroline de Hanover’s four children (Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi, as well as Alexandra de Hanover), alongside their husband and wife, and all their children. All were gathered in the Court of Honor of the Palace to attend the presentation of distinctions orchestrated by Albert II in person.

In the front row, the four children of Princess Caroline with their husband and wife and all their children. Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi with Stefano and Francesco Casiraghi, Dimitri Rassam and Charlotte Casiraghi with Balthazar Rassam and Raphaël Elmaleh, and Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo with India, Sacha and Maximilian Casiraghi. (Monte Carlo, November 19, 2022.) Abaca

First public appearance of Balthazar Rassam

For the first time, Charlotte Casiraghi was accompanied by her husband Dimitri Rassam and her two sons: Raphaël Elmaleh (from her relationship with Gad Elmaleh, who will be 9 years old on December 17) and Balthazar Rassam (4 years old) whose very first official appearance was this.

Dimitri Rassam, Charlotte Casiraghi and her two sons: Raphaël Elmaleh and Balthazar Rassam. (Monaco, November 19, 2022.) Abaca

By the marriage of his parents in 2019, Balthazar was legitimized after his birth and integrated the order of succession to the Monegasque throne retroactively. Charlotte and Balthazar are thus 11th and 12th in the order of succession to the throne of Monaco. Unlike his half-brother, Raphaël Elmaleh is not on the list of heirs to the throne of Monaco, his parents having never been married.

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