this new MMORPG could well establish itself as Blizzard’s next gaming competitor

After a memorable golden age, the MMORPG had to give way to less time-consuming genres. Nevertheless, some big names in the genre manage to have a happy life. World of Warcraft, Dofus or Final Fantasy XIVMMORPG lovers still have enough to spend a few thousand hours if they wish. And soon, a new competitor will appear: Tarisland.

“a figure approaches”

Over the years, few publishers have tried to create an MMORPG. Huge costs for a result that is difficult to ensure, a kind of trap that has witnessed many failures. Especially since MMORPGs must be accompanied for years, a fidelity that can be frightening. Despite everything, some are still willing to take this risk. This was the case of Amazon Games with New World in 2021. Although the enthusiasm generated by the project was very present, the multitude of problems related to the title sent it straight into limbo, with a strong comeback last October thanks to its update Sulfide.

And soon, in China, players from the Middle Kingdom will no longer be able to play World of Warcraft. The reason ? The end of an agreement between Blizzard and NetEase. As of next January 23, the servers of wow and Overwatch 2 will therefore be taken offline. All Blizzard games must therefore be reapproved by the Chinese government, a tedious situation for the American publisher, in search of a new partner. As Chinese gamers wonder if World of Warcraft will again become playable in the territory, now Tencent, the biggest player in the country, has developed its own MMORPG: Tarisland.

A promising plastic title that recently shared some snippets of gameplay (via a video available below). Only, Tarisland comes very close to World of Warcraft in his style. Close aesthetics, dragons to ride (in a way Dragonflight), medieval atmosphere, an MMORPG which seems to have been inspired by its American sidekick. Accused of plagiarism by some Internet users because of its resemblance to wow, Tarisland must now prove that he is not just an inspiration and that he has a true identity. Especially since with the proven popularity of wow in China, the void to be filled is enormous.

Tarisland must soon accept new testers in China for both its PC and mobile version. No information on a possible portage in the West has yet been announced. Anyway, although Tarisland can rejoice to see coming out World of Warcraft viewfinder, Tencent’s MMORPG is not the only project to win the hearts of Chinese MMO fans. Lost Ark received the green light from Xi Jinping’s government to land in China. Players will therefore have the choice: Tencent’s New Promise or South Korean MMO.

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