These 25 photos are proof that Americans need to stop cooking

We all have our favorite cuisine in our hearts, linked to our passions, our origins or our tastes in food. But rarely will we hear someone say that American gastronomy is an example to follow. Aside from burgers and the BBQ tradition, the US is famous for trying a lot of things that Europeans might be put off. On Reddit, user u/ergoegthatis asked non-Americans to share, according to their opinions, what were the “worst dishes and foods” of Americans. Here is an overview of their responses.


#2 “fruit salads” where half the ingredients are sweets

Haribo bananas are fruits, aren’t they…?

#3 Jelly cakes

#4 spray cheese

Because why not?

#5 Ranch sauce (the taco sauce) on pizzas

For them, it’s Ranch sauce, for us, it’s the equivalent of a very greasy and very salty mayonnaise.

#6 high fructose corn syrup everywhere

While maple syrup exists a few kilometers to the north!

#7 buttercream

Let’s face it, all their cakes are mixtures of ganache and buttercream (which they call “Fondant”). And they put a lot of it.

#8 Fried Mars

I tasted fried Mars cereal bars during a festival in the US. I am convinced that I gave diabetes to my ancestors.”

#9 boiled peanuts

Specialty of South Carolina, the smell is said to be infamous.

#10 chicago pizza

These are actually big pies of the demon

#11 A sweet potato gratin with marshmallows

#12 the Twinkies

#13 Candy Corn

#14 frying in general

They have an obsession with frying. There are certain foods that are better fried, but putting anything in a deep fryer is self-defeating.

#15 Scrapples

It is a porridge of pork leftovers and filling, with cornmeal and wheat flour. Many laugh at the fact that there is “crap” (shit) in its name, with good reason, it is so famous for being bad.

#16 Meat Sauce Cookies

“Gravy” sauce is a sauce made from gravy and Americans seem to like to put it everywhere.

#17 canned whole chicken

#18 “Cinnamon Chili” sauce

Chili sauce with meat and Mediterranean spices that has nothing to do with chili, since it was imported by immigrants from Western Macedonia during the 1920s.

#19 blue vinaigrette

A thick dressing made from blue cheese, mayonnaise, buttermilk, sour cream or yogurt, milk, vinegar, onion powder, and garlic powder.

#20 sugar icing

#21 pancakes

Much too thick, I could smother my grandmother with it. I don’t understand the point of drowning a pile of them in syrup and calling it breakfast.

#22 jam/peanut butter mix

#23 corn dogs

Sausages on sticks, coated in batter

#24 twizzler candies

These sweet sticks were originally licorice before branching out to other flavors which, it seems, are still very bitter but popular in movies or stadiums.

#25 pop tarts

Stuffed grilled meats to be reheated in a toaster. It is even the most popular brand of products from the giant Kellogg’s with two billion Pop-Tarts sold each year.

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