the unstable star in the middle of a restaurant, the video revealed

The famous American pop-star Britney Spears was talked about again on Friday January 13, 2023. That day, the singer made a scene in a restaurant in Los Angeles, as revealed by TMZ, posting a video of the incident.

Since the guardianship of her father Jaimie Spears was officially lifted by court order, Britney Spears continues the escapades. The latest occurred in a restaurant in Los Angeles on Friday, January 13, 2023. That evening, the famous American pop-star went with her husband, Sam Asghari, and his bodyguard within the restaurant called JOEY, located in Woodland Hills. Since the establishment was full of customers at that time, Britney Spears quickly caught the eyeas many people immediately recognized her after she walked through the front door.

The dinner organized between the singer and her husband was cut short when many restaurant customers decided to take out their mobile phones, with the aim of recording images of the musician. Visibly very annoyed by their attitude, Britney Spears got up and made a scene in the middle of the restaurant. Several eyewitnesses, interviewed by TMZ, reported that the singer had become “crazy woman“, since she started screaming and making a completely incomprehensible speech. For his part, Sam Asghari also got angry, and stormed out of the restaurant. Shortly after, Britney Spears also left the scene, before her bodyguard returned to pay the bill a few moments later.


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VIDEO – Britney Spears Minute

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