the town hall of Paris very upset against the Netflix series

Alexis Delafontaine
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10:58 a.m., January 13, 2023

It is one of the most popular programs at the moment. “Emily in Paris” breaks records on Netflix and offers Paris a postcard landscape that attracts tourists from all over the world. But this smooth and idealized image of the French capital displeases elected officials, who denounce the climate emergency.

The success ofEmily in Paris boosted tourism in the capital. But not enough to seduce the municipality. Indeed, the City of Paris deplores the image conveyed by the program broadcast on Netflix. Clean streets, polite and neat passers-by, postcard landscapes… far from the truth according to several elected officials.

Indeed, David Belliard, deputy mayor of Anne Hidalgo, pointed to this “idealized Paris”, contrary to climatic emergencies. “The Paris which is presented, this idealized Paris, this Paris which does not move, it cannot exist and above all, it must not exist”, estimated the elected ecologist. “It is neither desirable nor viable as a reality. And if we do not move, we will no longer be able to live in Paris, because climate change will decide for us.”

A successful series for businesses

Concretely, David Belliard criticizes the romanticization of Haussmann buildings, very poorly insulated in real life, according to him, or even an overly idealized vision of Parisian transport. However, this series, which is a hit internationally, obviously benefits the City of Paris. Several restaurants, bakeries or real estate agencies see their turnover multiplied thanks to at Emily in Paris.

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