the tender message of Cyril Hanouna to his absent columnist

This Wednesday, November 16, an emblematic columnist of Do not touch My TV was missing. Indeed, from the beginning of the evening, Cyril Hanouna announced the reason why Raymond Aabou was absent. In mourning, the delivery man lost his dad. “We kiss Raymond, who we miss of course. We think a lot about him, we know he lost his dad, he said it on the networks”he begins by declaring, before giving him his full support: “My Raymond, that’s why he hasn’t been here for a few days, I’m giving him big kisses to the brother.” The TPMP presenter nevertheless confides that the columnist will be back shortly“on C8 but that for the moment, he is with his relatives, in Morocco.

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A few days ago, the columnist announced the death of his dad on social networks, by posting a touching photo of him and his father : “Thank you for everything dad…I’ve been proud of you the whole time…you’re my hero, rest up.” A sad news that has affected his fans in view of the comments left below the publication. Always very honest about his way of life, the columnist had also revealed on the set of TPMP his salary : “I’ve said before that I take 2000 in the truck and I take 2000 or even 2500 or more here. But now that I have almost no truck, I only have here. The (…)


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