the surprising reason why the singer returns to the stage, according to Dave

His last tour called Phénix Tour dated back to 2016-2017 and the release of an album soberly titled renaud. Since then, the singer, author of the favorite song of the French Mistral winner, had been discreet. His alcohol addiction problems seemed to have returned and, with them, the withdrawal cures keeping him away from his profession, which he started half a century ago. But at 70, the interpreter of Still standing has regained the hair of the beast! The reason was given on January 23, 2023 via BFM TVthrough his friend and colleague Dave. For the ex-husband of Romane Serda, the wheel would now turn in the right direction. Which would justify the artist hitting the road again to find his countless fans…

Love as a stimulant?

The tour called In my strings, which begins on Tuesday January 24 in the Scala Provence room in Avignon, will have 40 dates to end on July 14 and 15 at the Francofolies in La Rochelle. The discipline involved in going on stage every evening would not be a problem for Renaud. And it’s his faithful friend Dave, whose last album he produced remember to love in 2019, which delivers to BFM TV the key to this metamorphosis. “[Renaud] met a young womanglide the interpreter of Vanina. I think he wants to wow her, too. That’s what made him want to show him that he knows how to do it and that he can do it.” It is therefore to this woman that we obviously owe the new Renaud; trimmed beard and sharp silhouette, which would keep the demons of ‘Mister Renard’ at bay…

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“He doesn’t have stage fright”

However, On My Ropes Tour will have nothing of a Barnum. On the contrary, it will be in the image of this new sentimental relationship: discreet, intimate. The singer’s rehearsals began ten days ago with a handful of musicians around him (accordion, violin, piano). “Every day he arrives at the same timereveals his pianist Alain Lanty, who is also the musical director of the tour. [Renaud] is very punctual. He settles down on his stool and the first words he says to us are ‘next’. He does it more for us than for himself. He considers himself ready.” If the singer unfortunately no longer has a voice capable of carrying his lyrics satisfactorily, there remains the emotion he continues to arouse and which is nourished by years of complicity with his audience and as many seasons in hell. Renaud s I am still required to get back into shape as well as vocal coaching. “He doesn’t have stage fright“, concludes Alain Lanty. Hoping that this tour will be, finally, that of the resurrection of the beloved singer and signs, for him, a peaceful autumn…

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