the State grants a loan of 15 million euros to Duralex

published on Monday, November 21, 2022 at 12:14 p.m.

The famous Duralex glassworks, suffocated by the explosion in energy prices, will be granted a loan of 15 million euros by the State “to help it get through the winter”, the minister announced on Monday. of Industry Roland Lescure.

The company had announced in September that it would have to put its oven on standby for at least four months from November in its historic factory, located in Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin in Loiret, and place all of its employees on short-time work to save energy and preserve finances.

“I am going to tell them that the State is there and that we are going to make a loan of 15 million euros to accompany Duralex”, indicated on Europe 1 the minister who must meet in the afternoon leaders and company unions.

He highlighted “an extremely strong impact of energy costs”, because “to make glass you have to consume gas and electricity”.

“Duralex had to close its activity for the winter, they continue to sell glasses because they have stocks, but due to rising energy costs they are closing their oven. These 15 million will literally allow them to spend winter. This energy shock is really a brake on a company that was in the process of recovering, we want to support this recovery”, added Mr. Lescure.

For Pascal Dufranne, CGT union representative interviewed by AFP, “it’s a plus for restarting, it’s support. It’s a little more reassuring, but it also depends on the level of energy prices. For At the moment, we are running out of stocks but the orders are there”.

– “We will be able to resume” –

“Currently, the oven is on standby, but we will be able to resume,” he said.

The famous glassworks had been acquired in extremis in January 2021, after having been placed in receivership a few months earlier, by International Cookware (Pyrex), which became the Maison Française du Verre at the start of the year.

Created in 1945 by Saint-Gobain, the glass factory in the suburbs of Orléans employs 250 people and in 2021 achieved a turnover of 23.4 million euros.

Glasses from school canteens, but also design objects from the MoMA store in New York, whiskey containers for 007 in Skyfall: Duralex creations are known the world over.

During his trip to Loiret, Mr. Lescure will also visit the printer Maury in Malesherbois – which prints weeklies (Paris Match, L’Express and Le Point in particular) and books such as those of the Gallimard publishing house and whose “bill (of energy) has increased from 5 to 20 million euros per year between 2021 and 2022”.

Mr. Lescure indicated that Maury would be able to benefit from state aid in energy matters “up to 12 million euros in total”, “or about a third of the energy bill”, or two million of which the company has already benefited and “up to ten million” thanks to the counter set up by the government.

A new help desk for paying electricity bills, intended for businesses to cope with the explosion in prices, opened on Saturday for the months of September and October 2022, as part of the new aid announced November 18 by the government.

This counter will allow companies to receive “first payments” in two to three weeks, said Monday the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire. Whether you are an SME, an ETI or a large company, you can receive from 4 to 150 million euros“, he added.


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