The spoilers Such a big sun January 16 to 20, 2023 (trailer): Ziggy is alive | Such a Great Sun

What awaits us in the daily series Un si grand soleil on France 2 the week of January 16 to 20, 2023? All the videos + trailer with Christophe diving back and Ziggy who was not euthanized

Christophe such a big sun

Christophe, Cécile and Achille have found their balance before the wedding?

The TV series Such a great sun from France 2 The week of January 16 to 20, 2023 still has a lot of twists in store for us, with a total of 5 new episodes.

such a big sun the actors

The heroes of the France 2 soap opera in the spotlight: Noémie, Ludo, Manu, Christophe, Thaïs and Dimitri

Cécile and Christophe will soon get married, the veterinarian wants to ease the tensions just like Achille who tries to reconcile with Cécile.

The person responsible for Hervé’s death becomes clear, it would be Darius, Hervé’s partner. Christophe learns this info via the police… for the moment it is only suspicions. Manu conducts the investigation on the sly. Charles decides to follow Darius but he puts himself in danger.

Ludo admits to Noémie that his equine therapy project really interests him…he’s a little afraid of Akim’s reaction but in the end he encourages them to embark on this new experience.

Claudine is disgusted, she learns that her daughter participated in the failure of her association with Johanna and Florent’s office. Robin has feelings for Thaïs but unfortunately they are not mutual. As for Kira, she is not ready to make room for Louis just yet.

The video A great sun of the week

Look at the first images Un si grand soleil (France 2) from week 16 to 20 January 2023 with the trailer which highlights the fact that Ziggy is alive…but a murder is committed:

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