the secrets of Anne Roumanoff on her cosmetic surgery operation

Anne Roumanoff is a humorist who needs no introduction. She has been on the front of the stage for several years and she goes on shows. Invited on the set of C to You this Thursday, November 17, the comedian made some confidences about his new show. She notably mentioned a sketch on plastic surgery, which touches her personally. “She doesn’t need a facelift because she’s not doing her 35-year career“, begins Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine before evoking an emblematic character of the show of her guest: “The Remade Woman is one of your favorite characters that viewers have been asking for“. Subsequently, the host adds: “Cosmetic surgery, you do not even recommend it to your worst enemy?“. To which the main concerned responds first: “I had liposuction” before stopping and specifying: “I do not wanna talk about it“. However, Anne Roumanoff adds that she does not advise anyone, not even her worst enemy. The reason? “It hurts“, she concluded, seeming to keep a very bad memory of this experience.

Cosmetic surgery is not the first time that Anne Roumanoff has mentioned it. Her operation, she had not planned it at all and it is with complete transparency that she says so. Guest of the show We redo the TV in September 2021, Eric Dussart first assured her that she looked good, but also that she had looked 20 years younger. “And all that, (…)


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