“The Last of Us” episode 2: trailer and info

"The Last of Us" episode 2: trailer and info

The first episode of The Last of Us came out and the least we can say is thathe already seems to have conquered the public. In addition to the dithyrambic reception from the press (including on Cultea), the series has the luxury of getting off to a better start than Game Of Thrones (just that). But while episode 1 is barely out, many are already waiting The Last of Us episode 2. Good news: information has already appeared on this sequel.

Some information

It seems that this episode 2 is the opportunity to discover the terrifying clickers. These creatures are what humans infected with the cordyceps are transformed. Creatures that are both dangerous and extremely difficult to kill. For information, these horrors cannot be fought with bare hands in the game. If you have no more weapons, the “game over” awaits you.

We should also find out more about the circumstances of Ellie’s infection. At least that’s what the trailer suggests. A curious thing, when you know that it is not shown in the game, but in the additional content left-behind. This revelation also seems to come particularly early, which suggests the first great narrative freedoms of the series. Unless the footage shown in the trailer below isn’t taken from The Last of Us episode 2but rather of the following episodes.

Finally, we should witness the beginnings of the incredible relationship between Joel and Ellie. ‘Cause we’re not gonna lie to each other, they’re the main reason we love The Last of Us.

Regarding the following episodes, the trailer already gives us some clues. We note in particular the arrival of characters like Bill, Henry or Riley. We will also be able to discover more about the state of the USA after the fall of civilization as we know it. In short, beautiful things await us for The Last of Us episode 2 (and the following). This will be streamed on Prime Video from next January 23.

The Last of Us Episode 2 – Trailer & Info

Cast of the series:

  • Bella Ramsey: Ellie
  • Peter Pascal: Joel Miller
  • Gabriel Luna: Tommy Miller
  • Merle Dandridge: Marlene
  • Anna Torv: Theresa “Tess” Servopoulos
  • Nico Parker: Sarah Miller
  • Nick Offerman: Bill
  • Storm Reid: Riley

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