The French team will end the year in first place in the world rankings if…

This is one of the objectives of the XV of France in this autumn tour: to finish the year in first place in the world, occupied a week this summer after the second victory in Japan (15-20, July 9). Second before the reunion against the Brave Blossoms on Sunday (2 p.m.) in Toulouse, the Blues, despite a potential thirteenth consecutive victory, do not have their destiny in their hands to gain a place.

They obviously have to beat the current tenth nation in the world and then hope for two favorable results in two other tests scheduled for Saturday. First condition: a draw or a defeat for Ireland, at the top of the world rankings, Saturday evening (9:00 p.m.) in Dublin against Australia. Second condition: that the New Zealanders do not win by at least sixteen points difference at Twickenham against England (Saturday 6:30 p.m.).

If the Clover XV wins and the All Blacks unfold against the English, Fabien GalthiĆ©’s men would even find themselves third in the world rankings on Monday morning, regardless of their margin of victory (if victory there is) against the Japanese.


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