the French actor star of Papa Schultz and survivor of Auschwitz has died

The iconic actor who played Corporal LeBeau in the cult series Papa Schultz died on Wednesday November 16 at the age of 96.

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Singer, actor, showman… Many are the attributions which make Robert Clary the plural artist that he was. The French comedian died this Wednesday, November 16 in his home in Los Angeles, as indicated by his granddaughter, Kim Wright. Aged 96, the causes of death were not communicated but given the age of the artist, it would probably be a natural death. Robert Clary rose to fame in the 1960s for his role as Corporal LeBeau in the sitcom Papa Schultzwhich took place during the Second World War.

Death of Robert Clary: the actor was a survivor of the Auschwitz camps

Before reconstructing this era of world conflict in the series, Robert Clary was mainly a victim of it in his youth. Robert Max Widerman, his birth name, was born in Paris on March 1, 1926 into a Polish Jewish family and grew up in the 4th arrondissement. At 12, he began a singing career interrupted four years later, when he was 16, when he was rounded up by the French police and then deported. at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps in September 1942. In January 1945, he was one of the prisoners forced to take part in the Death Marches, which took him to Buchenwald. He was liberated in April 1945 by American troops. On his return to Paris, after almost three years of detention, he resumed his artistic career as an orchestra singer. After a first record which met with great success in the United States, he moved there in 1949.

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An immediate success across the Atlantic

In parallel with his musical career, Robert Clary embarked on comedy with sketches. It then met with great success on the famous Broadway avenue! A success that will lead him in 1965 to obtain the role of Louis LeBeau, a French prisoner, in the sitcom which has become famous throughout the world, Papa Schultz. He also appears much later in successful soap operas such as Days and lives Where The fires of love. The actor-singer signed an autobiography in 2001 entitled “From the Holocaust to Papa Schultz”.

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