The FFR referendum concerning Patrick Buisson scheduled between January 23 and 26

Consulted by the French Federation, the FFR’s ethics committee met on Friday and delivered several recommendations in order to ensure the smooth running of the consultation which will have to decide whether Patrick Buisson, candidate proposed by Bernard Laporte, obtains the necessary majority. to become CEO.

Sentenced on December 13 by the Paris Criminal Court for, among other things, corruption and influence peddling, for acts committed in the exercise of his functions, Mr. Laporte, who appealed, had consented, after requests expressed by the Ministry of Sports, the ethics committee and the opposition, to the “disconnection” of its powers.

What if there is a negative result?

Open to all clubs, the consultation will be held between Monday January 23 noon and Thursday January 26 noon, electronically. No quorum will be set. Accepting to be the guarantor of the sincerity and legality of this vote, the ethics committee also asked to have recourse to a bailiff to control the implementation of the list of presidents of associations called to vote, the sealing of the electronic ballot box and the integrity of the count.

The FFR must now submit to the ethics committee, for approval, the technical system that will be deployed as part of this consultation to meet the defined terms and guarantee total neutrality. Less than ten days before the start of the vote, nothing has been clearly defined in the event of a negative result for the Laporte governance, even if everyone, in the majority or in the opposition, seems to have integrated that it will not be possible to present a new candidate for a new consultation of this type.


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