the captain of the Coralia indicted

The judicial investigation opened after the fatal capsizing of the launch “Le Coralia” is progressing. As a reminder, when the winner of the Route du Rhum, Charles Caudrelier, arrived last Wednesday at dawn, this follower boat had capsized.

11 people were on board, and two died. Two members of the organization have died. Among the passengers of the “Coralia” shuttle, there was also the President of the French Sailing Federation, who is one of those injured.

As we already told you on Saturday morning, the speedboat which had been accredited was nevertheless prohibited from sailing at night. However, the arrival had taken place before sunrise.

Since then, the 21-year-old captain has been indicted and placed under judicial supervision.

A judicial investigation has also been opened for homicide and involuntary injury by recklessness for lack of safety implied by a regulation.

The Public Prosecutor of Pointe-à-Pitre, Patrick Desjardins made a first point about the investigation.

What has already been established is that the invited passengers were all equipped with life jackets. Only the two crew members, the pilot and his co-pilot, were not equipped with life jackets. The checks did not reveal any failure on the vessel. The ship was in good condition. What appears on the other hand is that this ship, given its usual commercial activity, which was a useful ship for aquatic excursions in the great cul de sac marin. This vessel did not have permission

The head of the prosecution assured that the investigative services will be reinforced for this case. Patrick Desjardins also specified the points on which the investigations will focus

They will continue to verify the circumstances in which the accident happened, so witnesses will continue to be heard, even if the circumstances now appear relatively clear. It is always useful to wait to have the maximum of testimonials. They will continue to check whether help has arrived in the best possible conditions. It is necessary to check once again the conditions under which this boat which did not have the authorization, the night navigation license, was therefore accredited to be part of the official fleet authorized to transport guests at sea.

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