The boss organizes a lottery to realize the dream of an employee: the winner is offered the house of her dreams

For the 120th anniversary of his road transport group, a boss decided to make the dream of one of his employees come true. The winner, a 58-year-old employee, won a house.

Dream trip, real estate purchase, loan repayment… They had carte blanche. 1,100 employees of a transport company in the Lyon region were invited to ask their boss to make their wildest dream come true, without any financial limit.

The leaders of the company committed to finance one of these wishes drawn by lot. “I hope people take me for a madman”, jokes the president of the group, questioned by TF1.

“It means that I am a little ahead or behind the others, he continues. I push everyone to make sure that people’s dreams come true, because the reason for living is really to make your dreams come true.”

“I was in shock”

It was Christel, a 58-year-old employee, who won the lottery, says Progress. The dream of this employee: access to the property.

‚ÄúLife has meant that I have never bought a house, she explains to BFM TV. So, initially, I had thought of writing ‘a trip to Canada’. And then I changed my mind, I said to myself that I had to put on my wildest dream, since I did not think I would win.

But luck decided otherwise. “I did not believe it, she reacts on TF1. I was in shock, so much so that I felt bad, I had to sit down.” After celebrating the good news with her family, Christel can now make an appointment with a real estate agent and go in search of the house of her dreams.

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