the “blackmail” of Viktor Orban, ready to do anything to avoid the freezing of European funds

Prime Minister Viktor Orban is engaged in a race against time to escape the freezing of European funds intended for his country. Funds suspended since last April by the European Commission, due to the Hungarian government’s failure to respect the rule of law. The Commission is expected to assess Hungary’s progress on Tuesday.

With our correspondent in Budapest, Florence La Bruyere

Much is at stake for Hungary, which is receiving nearly €13 billion – €7.5 billion in EU funds and €5.8 billion in post-pandemic recovery – from the European Commission.

In order not to miss this jackpot, Hungary has embarked on a veritable marathon to carry out the reforms demanded by Brussels. She created an anti-corruption authority to monitor how European money is spent. This body will have to detect fraud and remedy corruption.

In addition, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party amended 17 laws to ensure greater transparency in the awarding of public contracts. Markets which, until now, were mainly won by the entourage of Viktor Orban.

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