TF1 announces that Nikos Aliagas, injured, will not be able to host the 24th NRJ Music Awards ceremony on Friday evening, and he will be replaced by…

Friday evening, TF1 will broadcast the 24th ceremony of the “NRJ Music Awards”, from Cannes. An event that should have been presented, like every year, by Nikos Aliagas. But, according to The Parisianinjured on the set of the “Star Academy” last Saturday, the host will be absent from the show.

“The doctors strongly advised him not to take the plane, with all the trips that the NRJ Music Awards impose. He tried everything until the last moment not to give up, but he preferred to listen to the doctors”, indicates a relative of the moderator to our colleagues.

Today, faced with this last minute, the management of TF1 met to choose a replacement for Nikos Aliagas. And they chose a face known to TF1 viewers: Camille Combal.

Regarding the participation of Nikos Aliagas in the bonus of the “Star Academy” this Saturday, “it is for the moment still on the agenda”, indicates Le Parisien.

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