Tesla boss Elon Musk has chosen his replacement

Impossible to separate Tesla from the personality ofElon Musk, a simple investor when the brand was founded, who became boss of the car manufacturer that has been shaking up the entire car industry since the beginning of the last decade. But could Tesla survive without Elon Musk? While the latter must also take care of his other companies (Twitter, SpaceX, Boring Company), the name of his possible replacement would already be known to the leaders of Tesla.

The information was revealed during a trial in the United States, where a question was put to a certain James Murdoch. Son of billionaire Rupert Murdoch and member of the board of Tesla, he explained that Elon Musk has appointed his replacement in case he can no longer ensure the management of Tesla himself. “This choice only goes back a few months,” he said.

Former Volkswagen boss to lead Tesla?

James Murdoch did not give the name of this possible replacement for Elon Musk. According to journalists from Fortune, it could be the top Tesla official Andrew Baglino, its artificial intelligence specialist Ashok Elluswamy or its financier Zach Kirkhorn. The name ofHerbert Diess, the one who has just left the management of Volkswagen, has even been mentioned by American journalists! In the meantime, Elon Musk doesn’t seem ready to step down from Tesla management right now even though he’s been looking very busy on Twitter for the past few days.

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