Taylor Swift tackles Ticketmaster, under pressure after the chaos around its box office

Taylor Swift has the wind in its sails and blows up the Ticketmaster machine. The American pop star tackled the platform on Friday after misfires around the Ticketing of his next tour. It has thus reinforced the pressure on this American giant of the sector, often accused of monopoly.

Many fans of the singer had complained in recent days on social networks about endless waits, bugs, and skyrocketing prices during the advance sales of the “Eras” (“epochs”) tour, which starts on next March 18.

On Thursday, Ticketmaster even canceled the public sale which was to start on Friday, “due to particularly high demand (…) and an insufficient stock of remaining tickets”.

“It’s excruciating for me to see mistakes happen without being able to do anything”

“It’s really difficult for me to have to rely on an outside entity,” reacted Friday Taylor Swift on his Instagram page, highlighting years of special relationships and loyalty with his fans. “And it’s excruciating for me to see mistakes happen without being able to do anything,” she added.

Without directly naming Ticketmaster, the 32-year-old star adds that she has no intention of “making excuses to anyone”. “We asked them, on several occasions, if they could handle this type of request and we were assured that they could,” she adds.

“It’s really great that 2.4 million people were able to get tickets, but it pisses me off that a lot of them feel like they’ve had a nightmare to get them,” he said. – she continued, promising to do everything possible to make the situation better.

An investigation launched

This cacophony has revived criticism of the dominant position of this giant in the ticketing sector, which merged in 2010 with entertainment giant Live Nation. Anti-monopoly and consumer protection groups have recently called for an investigation into this group, which they say allows it to “drive up prices, impose unnecessary and costly fees and exploit artists”. , independent venues and fans”.

The rock legend’s concert prices Bruce Springsteen, some of which amounted to thousands of dollars, had already caused an uproar at the start of the year. Friday, the New York Times announced, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter, that the Department of Justice has opened an antitrust investigation into Live Nation Entertainment, resulting from the merger between Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

A sales record for the artist

Regarding Taylor Swift’s tour, Ticketmaster said it sold 2 million tickets on Tuesday during presales, a record for an artist in one day.

Taylor Swift, one of America’s most popular singers, is back on tour after four years of waiting for her fans. With her tenth album, “Midnights”, released on October 21, she marked the history of American music by placing ten songs from the opus at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a first.

Despite the verification of the accounts of fans and a system of codes for the purchase of seats in advance, Ticketmaster complained of “a dizzying number of attacks by bots”, automated systems. The company says it received 3.5 billion queries.

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