Stephanie of Monaco would soon be preparing to become a grandmother and this for the first time. Indeed, his son Louis and his wife Marie are expecting their first child. Apparently, they will soon taste parental joy.

Stephanie of Monaco, soon to be a grandmother

During the Monegasque National Day, Stéphanie of Monaco displayed herself with a new look. She was far from going unnoticed with her outfit. VSThe change may be linked to the fact that she could soon become a grandmother for the first time. His son Louis, businessman and 15th in the order of succession to the Monegasque throne would indeed be about to welcome his first child.

Recently, the latter took to his Instagram feed to share a beautiful photo. In this last, we discover him with his wife, Marie Chevalier and his sisters. To accompany the photo, he wrote: “National day with family and love?? ?? Long live Munegu! Viva u Principal?? “. It seems that the family is very happy to be reunited but one element especially attracted the attention of Internet users and the media. This is a suspicious roundness revealed on the publication.

Confidences of Louis on the pressure he is under

On the photo unveiled, we can see that the tender wife of Louis has superb curves. Thereby, a pregnancy would become clearer even if it has not yet been confirmed by the main parties concerned.

Once, the son of Stephanie of Monaco had already confided in having a child. According to his wordsthe members of his family would not stop urging him to taste the joys of fatherhood. Besides, this would also be the case on his wife’s side.

According to the words of the latter, her brothers want nephews and nieces. Apparently, they always cared a lot about her when she was a child. In fact, she was their little protege, their darling little sister and that only bonded them more during their life. The least we can say is that this family seems really united, unlike the others who keep getting in the way.