Star Academy: suffering from carpophobia, a candidate victim of the bad joke of her comrades

Candidate of the Star Academy, Anisha did not appreciate the joke of her comrades. Suffering from carpophobia, namely the fear of fruit, Anisha got a big fright when she discovered oranges under her duvet.

The young woman was a victim of prank of his roommates in the residence occupied by the participants in the program at Dammary-Les-Lys in Seine-et-Marne. Some viewers even criticize another candidate, Léa, for harass Anisha.

Bad joke

A video of the young woman panicking when she discovered oranges in her bed, filmed by program participants. The two citrus fruits were each decked out with a smile and two eyes drawn in marker.

Stan and Chris, two of his comrades decided to make the young woman a joke taxed with bad taste. And for good reason, suffering from a fruit phobia, Anisha did not appreciate discovering oranges in his room, under the laughter of his comrades.

The latter left screaming from the dormitory, running to the other end of the castle of Dammary-Les-Lys in Seine-et-Marne.

The carpophobia from which Anisha suffers

The name of this phobia is a term based on the Greek karpos (fruit) and phobos (dread).

This fear of fruit is a real phobia, which is characterized by a feeling of fear or disgust to the sight or touch of all or some fruits.

The carpophobia may also be characterized by fruit avoidance strategies, in this case citrus fruits, or more or less violent reactions ranging from vomiting to fainting and panic attacks.

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