“Star Academy”: Louis at the bottom of the hole

Enola can’t take it anymore, she has no more voice, and it’s soon the evaluations. And this Monday morning, there’s no question of seeking comfort from Louis, his best friend in the adventure of “Star Academy”. The Celine Dion fan, he, explodes downright in tears in his arms, at breakfast. For the evaluations, they must write their story during the contest. “I suck, everything I write sucks”, he says before ensuring that he is “super sick”. The red thread of all this daily program broadcast this Tuesday evening on TF 1.

The morning begins with a session of Coach Joe, the sports teacher, with the five remaining apprentice singers. Problem: Léa, still not in the morning, is missing. Joe implores his comrades: “Give me two minutes and I’ll get her.” With a big brother tone, he pulls her out of bed and manages to move her. “Since when do we wake people up?” she gets angry, before complying. Classes are linked with singing. “I don’t have a voice, I’m sick,” sniffs Louis, his nose red. A few minutes later, the candidate leaves in a “bad mood” (bad mood), in his words, frowning. “But I’m disgusted that this is happening to me just this week,” he sobbed. “There is a lot of nervous fatigue too,” slips the teacher.

At 2 p.m., the program continues with a “voguing” course (urban dance) with Marie, a former dancer from Kamel Ouali who had already visited the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys during the first edition. “I don’t have the strength even if I have the desire”, repeats Louis, omnipresent in this daily episode. Finally, he ended up chaining poses, “delighted to get out of his comfort zone”.

Lucie Bernardoni, in a second time, announces to the candidates the guests of the next prime time, another obligatory passage in the week of the academicians. Claudio Capéo will sing “Riche” with Chris, Louis and Anisha. Marc Lavoine will perform in duet for “I forgot everything” with Léa, Anisha, or Tiana. “It makes me think of my parents,” laughs the first. Clara Luciani will launch on “Respire encore”, a piece for which Louis or Léa is tipped. As for Patrick Bruel and Vianney, they will go on stage with all the apprentice stars. The day ends with a few singing rehearsals and the jokes of Léa, the candidate who sets the mood the most at the castle.

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