Small pensions: here are all the possible aids to increase your pension

Not all retirees are in the same boat. Indeed, some have very small pensions which don’t allow them to live decently. But the government has put in place several aid to supplement their low pensions and give them some purchasing power. We present three of them in this article: ASPA, ASI, ASS.

Small pensions: solutions exist to supplement your resources

Some people have only one desire, that of reaching retirement and finally enjoying life! Yes, but it all depends on your resources… Indeed, if you have not contributed enough, you may receive a low pension which will not be enough for you to live on. For these small retreats, there are solutions to supplement the end of the month. Among the three aids, ASPA, ASI, ASS, which one can you touch?

ASPA: Solidarity allowance for the elderly to help small pensions

The best known of the three is the Aspa. Previously, it was called minimum old age. It has a certain ceiling and if a pensioner does not reach this ceiling, this aid will pay you the difference to reach the minimum old age. Thereby, each retiree is insured to have a minimum income. But, you still have to be eligible!

To touch the Aspa, you have to be one of the small pensions, be 65, or 60 if you have a disability. Of course, you must be French and live in France. This benefit is also collected for foreigners, but who have a residence permit and who have worked for more than 10 years in France.

For information, for a single person, the ceiling is around 961.08 euros. For a couple, it reaches 1,492.08 euros. If you think you can receive this benefit, contact the CNAV or the MSA depending on your case. Namely, the pension reform provides for an increase in Aspa. For the moment, nothing is confirmed.

ASI: Supplementary disability allowance

If you do part of the small pensions and that you have a disability or an inability to work, you can touch the Asi. Especially if you are not old enough to benefit from Aspa. There is no minimum age to take advantage of it, but you must meet several criteria.

You must have an overall disability of ⅔ or greater. Have French nationality and reside in France. Have a residence permit and a professional activity in the territory for more than 10 years. Be a refugee, stateless or be a veteran of the nation.

This aid is also intended for people who benefit “subsidiary protection protection granted to foreigners exposed to a risk of serious harm in their country of origin, but which does not fulfill the conditions for benefiting from refugee status; having fought for France; be a national of a member state of the European Economic Area; be Algerian, Andorran, Beninese, Cape Verdean, Congolese (Republic of Congo), Gabonese, Israeli, Malagasy, Malian, Moroccan, Monegasque, Senegalese, Togolese, Turkish or Tunisian”.

These people must receive small pensions per month, below 846.98 euros for a single person or 1481.21 euros for a couple. the amount is a maximum of 549.78 euros.

ASS: Specific solidarity allowance

So, the Aspa is for people over 65, the ASI for people with disabilities, but what if you don’t belong to either of the two cases? The ASS can take over and it corresponds to the RSA. This service will be awarded if you are looking for a job, if you no longer have the right to unemployment and if you are over 50 years old. You must also have been in business for at least 5 years in the last 10 years.

The amount is 17.90 euros per day for a single person. It is paid for 6 months and renewed according to certain criteria. But be aware that if you lose your status as a jobseeker, the payment of aid will automatically stop. The request is made on the Pôle Emploi website.

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