should we watch the episode of the series with Florence Pernel and Lola Dewaere broadcast this Saturday, January 14? Our opinion

France 3 offers this Saturday January 14 to (re) see Crime dans le Larzac, episode of the series previously broadcast in February 2020. Is it worth a look? We give you our opinion…

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While TF1 will launch the new season of Ninja Warrior, France 3 opts, this Saturday, January 14, for a rebroadcast ofan episode from his collection felony at As the series comes to an end – to the surprise of Lola Dewaere, as she explained exclusively to Télé-Loisirs – fans will be able to console themselves with this episode which takes them to the Larzac. Already aired in February 2021, it had at the time – facing the launch of season 10 of The Voice – passionate 6.05 million curious people, or 24.9% of the public present in front of their television screen, nothing less!

Crime in the Larzac (France 3): what is the episode rebroadcast this Saturday January 14 about?

The pitch of this episode? In Saint-Affrique, a large town in Aveyron, Pierre Loiseau, an important breeder, is found murdered. There are many potential suspects. Is it his girlfriend he was about to leave? His ex-wife, jealous? A rugby player with whom he had trouble leaving? A small peasant who feels he has been robbed? Deputy Prosecutor Elisabeth Richard, Captain Charles Jouanic and Lieutenant Caroline Martinez will only reach the truth in their investigation after having explored unexpected meanders…

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Crime in the Larzac (France 3): should we watch the episode rebroadcast this Saturday, January 14?

The advantage of regional thrillers and collections Crime at… ? Discover sometimes unknown places in France. Florence Pernel takes us here to the magnificent landscapes of southern Aveyron and the Larzac plateau, where beautiful unspoiled villages such as Saint-Affrique nestle. A perfect setting for this new complex investigation, with an unexpected outcome, and served by excellent actors whose chemistry brings a real plus to the series. Note the presence as guests of Bernard Yerlès and Bruno Guillonfacing Florence Pernel, Guillaume Cramoisan and Lola Dewaere…

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