serious and “false” accusations of the father, revelations about the case

The towel burns between Ayem Nour and Vincent Miclet. Tuesday November 15, 2022, the 57-year-old businessman made serious accusations against his ex-girlfriend, on Instagram. A case that has been making a lot of noise ever since. If the beautiful 33-year-old brunette has kept silent, Purepeople obtained information on the subject.

But what happened between Ayem Nour and Vincent Miclet? On Tuesday, the latter posted a photo of his son Ayvin (6) with his face uncovered. The little boy was then eating a pancake, a happy moment. But the legend of the publication was much less. “Monday morning after dropping off my son at American school, his mother Ayem Nour in complicity with his mother Farida took him from school without my consent and until the time when I speak to you, we have not no news from Ayvin. A complaint has been lodged with the Moroccan authorities. My son is on Moroccan soil but I don’t know where… Anyone who can see or locate him, please let me know. Thanks“, can we read.

That’s not all ! In Instagram story, in addition to having called his ex-girlfriend “witch“, Vincent Miclet shared the story of a blogger who explained why, according to him, Ayem Nour had made the choice to recover his son behind the father’s back. The Internet user in question assured that she had “removed“his son because Vincent Miclet had decided on him”cut his baby…

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