Serial poisoning at the charity event! The summary of episode 1320 of Friday, November 18 (spoilers)

Friday, November 18 in tomorrow belongs to us (available on somersault)who will be canceled during the Football World Cup… Malik followed Raphaëlle home. His instinct did not deceive him, it is she who is hiding Romy!

Romy decides to settle in Sète

Romy thanks Raphaëlle for hosting her. She can’t wait to find her son. Raphaëlle goes to work. Malik found Romy. He bangs on the bay window and yells to open it to her. She flees upstairs. Panicked and in tears, she calls Raphaëlle. The lawyer is in the middle of the conversation with Brigitte, but she answers and promises to contact the police. Romy hid under the bed. She sees the feet of a man in the room. But it’s about Karim. Nordine overpowered Malik. Martin and he take her to the police station. Accompanied by Raphaëlle, Romy tells the whole story to Martin and Karim. Martin agrees not to prosecute Raphaëlle for obstructing the investigation. Relieved to have obtained an expulsion measure, Romy refuses to file a complaint. She doesn’t want to make things worse and wants to protect her son. Rayane arrives and rushes into her mother’s arms. Karim waits for Malik at the exit of the police station and forbids him to approach Romy and Rayane. Malik is convinced that Romy will return with him. But Romy is not ready to go back to Paris. She wants to settle in Sète with Rayane where she can recover her parents’ house. Anna offers to ask Chloé if it is possible to join high school during the year.

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Audrey refuses Damien’s marriage proposal

Audrey prepares breakfast. Nervous, Damien is ready to propose to her but he is interrupted by Jack. His second is also cut off by Lizzie… Then it’s Jordan’s turn to break the policeman’s plans. Damien gives up. He tries his luck again when he’s having a romantic stroll with Audrey at the Christmas market. He makes a big statement to her, kneels down and hands her the ring. Panicked, Audrey tells him she can’t and runs away!

William wants a divorce!

Bart comes to bring an evening dress to Sara. Raphaëlle, tired, prefers to stay and rest. The guests arrive at the charity evening at the castle. William meets Marianne and wonders why she forced her to come. Manon and Aurore arrive at the same time. She tells him that Manon insisted that she accompany him and was not aware that he would be there. William and Aurore understand that they have been trapped. William thinks of leaving but William offers him to stay and discuss. William tells her he wants a divorce. Manon arrives just then to toast. She sees right away that Aurore is unhappy. William tells him the bad news…

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A surprise guest comes to the party

Everyone is dressed in their 31. Sylvain and Christelle appreciate the beauty of the place. François and Charlie begin the evening with a glass of champagne. Alex offers petit fours while waiting for Chloé to arrive. The latter arrives in a splendid red dress. Jordan reassures Judith, nervous because the guests are not eating the oysters. Victor shakes a few hands. Raphaëlle dances with her father. She can see that he looks sad. Karim and Anna arrive at the party with Romy. Chloe asks Anna if she’s not worried. She replies that everything is fine. Yet Romy looks at Karim with a certain tenderness.

The guests are poisoned!

Emma is still just as in love with Alex. She takes advantage of the fact that he is alone in a room to join him. She confesses her feelings to him. Surprised, Alex reminds her that he is married and loves Chloe. Despite everything, she kisses him. Someone sees them through the half-open door. For his part, Georges dances with Victoire and takes the opportunity to tell her that he misses her. As they are about to exchange a kiss, a man collapses on the floor of the Great Hall. It’s about William… Right after, Manon, Victoire, Sara, François, Bart, Chloé and all the others are victims of discomfort. A poisoner is in the room!

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