Serial hacks and leaks: FTX comes out of silence and warns other exchanges

FTX case – It has now been almost two weeks since theFTX empire has collapsed, taking with it the funds of its investors. Now bankrupt according to the chapter 11 of the US lawthe former CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Friedhas been replaced by John Ray to conduct bankruptcy proceedings. However, through multiple developments that you could follow in the lines of the Journal du Coin, the very evening of the declaration of bankruptcy, FTX has been the victim of a hack. These are so $400 million who flew away. Today, the deposed platform’s official account along with blockchain data analysis company Chainalysis seem to have detected that illegal transactions continue to take place from FTX wallets.

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FTX appeals to exchanges

While doubts remain about theidentity of the hackeror even if the hack turns out to be external or internal to the FTX platform, the company seems to imply, through the voice of its Twitter account, that unauthorized transactions to exchanges have taken place. The fallen platform therefore invites exchanges to collaborate and block fraudulent transactions.

“Exchanges should be aware that certain funds transferred from FTX Global and related obligors without 11/11/22 authorization are being transferred to them via intermediary wallets (…) Exchanges should take all necessary steps to ensure that these funds are returned to the bankruptcy estate. »

Chanalysis hunts down the FTX hacker

This call is supported by the blockchain watchdog Chainalysis who, at the same time, also warned the exchanges on Twitter so that they block funds from fraudulent addresses :

“Funds stolen from FTX are on the move and exchanges should be on high alert to freeze them if the hacker attempts to cash out »

Chainalysis – Source: Twitter

While the assumptions were numerous, the evidence weak and sometimes fragile, Chainalysis seems, thanks to its data analyzes we chain to be able to demonstrate the actual existence of a hacker. Although of course funds would be in possession of Bahamian regulationthe blockchain policeman confirms that “ some funds were stolen and that conversions from ETH to BTC are visible on the blockchain.

The weekend promised to be almost calm, so the news caught up with us this Sunday. While Genesis pitch, it looks like the FTX case is continuing to do damage. The chapter of the FTX hack meanwhile, looks far from over.

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