ruined and homeless, Loana claims to have been robbed

Loana was invited in TPMP People on C8, this Saturday, November 19, 2022. She confirmed that she was ruined and living on RSA (active solidarity income). Matthieu Delormeau asked her about her precarious situation, recalling that the ex-reality TV star herself had recently confided that “financially, it’s rather complicated”.

“Yes, it’s true. It’s 530 euros per month” revealed the one who has not forgiven her makeover in Incredible Transformations. Because of this small salary, she cannot find accommodation. “I live a lot with my mom” she confessed, “I’m homeless eh, homeless”. “Yes, to be honest, it’s a bit like that…” replied Matthieu Delormeau, before Loana added: “It’s not vulgar! I don’t have a house where I have my key and where my doggie is waiting for me”.

And if Loana hasn’t found a job, it’s because of her bipolarity, as she detailed to Guillaume Genton in The Morning Without Filter on Virgin Radio: “I’m bipolar and from then on I couldn’t do a steady job. I’m bipolar with schizophrenia tendencies. I was diagnosed a long time ago but I made a denial, I didn’t taken my medicine, that sort of thing. I realize now that it’s very helpful. So in fact I’m actually sick and considered disabled.”.

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