Republicans take control of the House of Representatives

The opposition thus gives itself the power to block Joe Biden’s policy until 2024.

The Republicans regained control of the US House of Representatives on Wednesday, November 16, after a laborious vote count, according to several American media, including the New York Timesgiving itself the power to block Joe Biden’s policy until 2024. After failing to take over the Senate, the Conservative Party will only have a very narrow majority in the lower house, far from the “giant wave” promised by Donald Trump, due to more than mixed results from his candidates in the mid-term elections.

US President Joe Biden was quick to congratulate Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy on the victory for his party, which won at least 218 seats in the lower house by midterm elections. “I will work with anyone – Republicans or Democrats – willing to work with me to take action”he said in a statement.

Americans “are ready for a new direction”Kevin McCarthy said on Twitter. “Americans are ready for a new direction, and House Republicans are ready to act”, he said on Twitter. McCarthy could be elected in January “speaker”, or president, of the House to replace Democrat Nancy Pelosi.


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